Job Placement for 2013 Grads

Who might hire an Engineering Physics graduate?

UW-Platteville EPs have been hired by a wide array of employers, including:

  • John Deere (construction/large vehicle manufacturing)
  • Caterpillar (construction/large vehicle manufacturing)
  • Oshkosh Truck (construction/large vehicle manufacturing)
  • GE Healthcare (medical diagnostics)
  • Johnson Controls (electrical/automated systems)
  • Virent Energy Systems (biofuels)
  • Cirrus Aircraft (personal aircraft)
  • Plexus (electronic manufacturing)
  • Transocean (offshore drilling)
  • Cardinal Glass (energy-efficient glass, solar panels)
  • LASX (laser cutting tools)
  • Honeywell (sensors)
  • Rockwell Collins (aircraft guidance/control)
  • IBM
  • NASA

Several alumni have contributed profiles that explain where they went after graduation.

Placement and salary

What is the job placement rate/starting salary for EP graduates?

As the graphs in the slideshow indicate, all the engineering programs at UW-Platteville have excellent job placement rates for graduates, and engineering physics is no exception. The starting salary for UW-Platteville Engineering Physics graduates is commensurate with the graduates of similar engineering fields.


What do you do with an Engineering Physics degree?

The majority (90 percent) of graduates of the UW-Platteville EP program have entered industry; 10 percent enter graduate studies. EP alumni have taken on a wide range of jobs. Some titles are:

  • Product Development Engineer
  • Application Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Materials Coordinator

After gaining experience on the job, several EP alumni have been promoted to roles in quality engineering or management.


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