Undergraduate Degree Programs

Broad Field Science

Focus areas: Biology, chemistry, earth and space science, physics, and mathematics
Options: Undergraduate


Focus areas: Analytic chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry
Options: Undergraduate, Pre-Pharmacy Program

Civil Engineering

Focus areas: Construction, structural, transportation, geotechnical, environmental, municipal
Options: Undergraduate

Computer Science

Focus areas: Computer information systems, computer programming, systems analysts, application programming
Options: Undergraduate, Graduate

Electrical Engineering

Focus areas: Communication and electronics, computer engineering, controls, power and energy
Options: Undergraduate, Collaborative Engineering

Engineering Physics

Focus areas: Materials science engineering, thermo-fluid and energy systems, power systems, control systems, electronic and digital systems
Options: Undergraduate

Environmental Engineering

Focus areas: Drinking water treatment, agricultural runoff, groundwater modeling and monitoring, wastewater treatment, sustainability
Options: Undergraduate

Industrial Engineering

Focus areas: Industrial systems design, quality engineering, operations research, production and operations analysis, computer applications
Options: Undergraduate


Focus areas: Mathematics education, actuarial science, applied mathematics, statistics, finance, mathematics
Options: Undergraduate

Mechanical Engineering

Focus areas: Mechanical design, system dynamics, robotics, manufacturing, transportation systems
Options: Undergraduate, Collaborative Engineering

Software Engineering

Focus areas: Applications engineering, software quality, computer engineering, real-time embedded systems programing
Options: Undergraduate

Sustainability and Renewable Energy Systems

Focus areas: Energy design, energy management, renewable products, bioenergy
Options: Undergraduate

Master of Science in Engineering Online

Focus areas: Advanced mathematics, management, technical communications, and computer applications
Options: Graduate


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