Student Organization Fundraising Equipment

CenterPOINT offers the following items for rental:

  • 18-qt. roaster/warmer
  • Extension cord
  • Tables (two 6-ft. folding tables)
  • Grill and propane (gas grill with stove burner)
  • Grilling tools
  • Cash box
  • Sidewalk A-frame board

Please note:
There is a flat fee of $10 per day for rental of equipment to help defray cost of replacement, etc.

Policies and Guidelines for Use:

  • Recognized College of EMS student organizations who are in good standing with the university are eligible to utilize this service.
  • The equipment is intended for fundraisers being held in or outside of Ottensman Hall. If your organization would like to transport items to a different location, special permission is required.
  • Equipment must be returned clean.
  • Report faulty/broken equipment, low propane levels, or other issues to CenterPOINT.
  • Equipment cannot be kept overnight. If you plan to run a multi-day fundraiser, equipment must be cleaned, returned, and picked up again the next day.
  • Equipment may be utilized anytime during CenterPOINT’s hours of operation.
  • Equipment may also be rented for student organization meetings, socials, or other university-sanctioned functions.

Process for Fundraisers:

  1. If your fundraiser involves food, please review and adhere to the campus food selling and serving regulations, which can be found on PioneerLink at
  2. Reserve your location through Event Reservations by emailing or calling 608.342.1451. Taking this step ensures that you have exclusive access to your preferred space when you want it. Note that even outdoor locations must be reserved.
  3. Submit an event through your organization’s page on PioneerLink to be approved by the Pioneer Involvement Center (PIC). Taking this step ensures that there are not too many organizations trying to sell on the same day.
  4. Reserve your equipment through CenterPOINT by emailing, calling 608.342.7342, or stopping in Otts 170. Taking this step ensures that the equipment you need won’t be in use by someone else when you need it.


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