SRES Cooperative Education or Internship Experience

PURPOSE OF Cooperative Education OR INTERNSHIP Experience

A cooperative education (co-op) or an internship experience in the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems (SRES) Program allows students to supplement their formal education with practical experience. The experience is expected to complement the education students are receiving in SRES Program while helping them reach their personal and professional goals.

An internship consists of full-time summer employment at a business or industry whereas cooperative education requires the student to work full-time in a business or industry during the fall or spring semester. The student may receive 1 or 2 credits toward the SRES elective courses depending on whether she/he successfully completes the requirements of summer internship course (ENERGY3970) or the cooperative education course (ENERGY 3950) respectively. The total credits received from co-op and internships cannot exceed 3 credits.

The student, employer, adviser, and internship coordinator (Director of the SRES Program or his/her designee) work as a team in making the co-op/internship a significant learning experience. The student is the key person in the process since it is he/she who is striving to learn about the many facets of contemporary business and industry.


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