Within the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science, the safety of our students, faculty, and staff is the top priority. A successful laboratory safety program includes basic safety practices, precautions for handling chemicals and other materials, operating laboratory equipment, and performing standard operating procedures.

If you have any safety concerns or suggestions, contact the Risk Management Officer, or the Chemical Hygiene Officer, June Li at

College of EMS Safety Committee Members

Lee Farina
Engineering Physics
June Li
Chemistry/Chemical Hygiene Officer
David Andersen
UW-Platteville Engineering Partnerships
Brian Barry
Jorge Camacho
Mechanial Engineering
John Paquin
Risk Management
Paul Dorsey
College of EMS Shops Manager
Kari Frederick
Molly Fuller
Nicholas Lane
Student Representative
Jerry Mahun
Civil Engineering
Jeff Steiner
Engineer Technician
(Open Position)
CMN Program Coordinator
Xiahong Wang
Civil Engineering

updated 5 July 2018