ME Prospective Course Offerings

Required courses in mechanical engineering are offered every semester.  The following is a list of prospective courses.  Note that this schedule is TENTATIVE, and faculty availability will affect which courses are actually offered.  An "X" signifies the course will be offered that semester.


Course Course Name Professor Spr '18 Fall '18 Spr '19 Fall '19
ME4230 Design & Control of Manufacturing Processes Campbell     X  
ME4340 Noise Control Lerner     X  
ME4430 Advanced Materials Fick, Obielodan       X
ME4440 Failure of Materials Fick   X    
ME4550 Heat Transfer Applications Camacho, Cummings, Horne X     X
ME4560 Computational Fluid Dynamics Camacho, McLanahan, Cummings, Horne   X   X
ME4600 Energy Systems Design Zolper   X    
ME4630 IC Engine Design Hoerning     X  
ME4650 Environmental Control Design Rolle X X    
ME4750 Computational Methods for Engineers Horne, McLanahan, Cummings, Yu X     X
ME4800 Finite Element Analysis Zampaloni, Fick X   X  
ME4820 Advanced Manufacturing Obielodan     X  
ME4830 Mechatronics Momot, Yu     X  
ME4840 Vibrations Lerner, Momot, Yu X     X
ME4850 Computer Aided Engineering Campbell X      
ME4980 Robotics Momot   X    
ME4980 Microfluidics Camacho       X
ME4980 Mechanics of Flight Cummings X     X
ME4980 Composite Materials Ghafoorianfar   X    

Proposed summer courses are as follows.  Note that more courses may be taught if there is enough student interest.

Course # Course Name Professor Sum '18 Sum '19 Sum '20
ME4430 Advanced Materials Zampaloni   X  
ME4640 Mechanical Design of IC Engines Zampaloni X   X


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