Mathematics Test-Out Exams

If you believe that your mathematics placement score does not accurately reflect your present mathematics ability level, then you may take a test-out exam in the mathematics course that you are placed into.

As you register for classes, you should sign up for the mathematics course corresponding to your placement level. In the future, if you take and pass the test-out exam for that course, then you will be moved into the next highest mathematics course.

When deciding whether or not to try a test-out exam, please keep in mind that "testing-out" of a course means that you have complete mastery and recall of the skills in that course. Simply completing or passing a class in high school does not guarantee that you will not need to repeat that class in college. The placement level gives us an indication of what you remember from that class. For example, if you have taken precalculus in high school but cannot recall algebra and trigonometry facts, and cannot remember how to do problems in this course, then you should retake precalculus in college and not try to test-out of the course. It is better to spend a semester in college reviewing material from high school than taking a course where you do not remember prerequisite material and therefore do poorly in the course. Remember, the term "prerequisite" means that mastery of skills is assumed. So, for example, since precalculus is a prerequisite for calculus, it will be assumed that the material studied in precalculus has been mastered and these skills will not be reviewed in the calculus course.


To register for a mathematics test-out exam contact the Mathematics office at 608.342.1743 or email Barb Barnet at Please provide your name, email, phone number, the name of the course you desire to test-out of, and the date of the exam you are registering for. You must register at least 24 hours prior to the date of the exam.

Upcoming Test-Out Dates

Tuesday, January 22 Wednesday, January 23
4 p.m. - 6 p.m. 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.
217 Boebel Hall 217 Boebel Hall

Mathematics test-out exams are typically two hours long. Please arrive to your exam fifteen minutes early. You are strongly encouraged to carefully review the relevant material before you take the exam. The Mathematics Department does not provide any review materials for test-out exams. If you are attempting a test-out exam for a course you are currently registered in you must complete the test-out exam by the fifth day of class.

Please bring a pencil with an eraser, a scientific calculator (for MATH 12 or 15 only), a current photo ID, and cash or check made out to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville for the appropriate amount listed below.

Test-Out Fees

A $20 per credit test-out fee will need to be paid before you will be allowed to take the test-out exam. Cash or check payment can be paid on the day of the exam before it begins. You will not be allowed to take the exam until the fee is paid.

  • MATH 0012 Mathematical Problem Solving ($60)
  • MATH 0015 Intermediate Algebra ($60)
  • MATH 1530 College Algebra ($60)
  • MATH 1830 Elementary Statistics ($60)
  • MATH 2450 Pre-calculus ($100)
  • MATH 2530 Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry ($60)
  • MATH 2640 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I ($80)

Mathematics Program Test-Out Policies

  1. Test-out exams are administered by the Mathematics Department and take place on the UW-Platteville campus.
  2. You may not take a test-out exam for a UW-Platteville mathematics course for which you have already been assigned a grade. However, you are still eligible to take a test-out exam for a course from which you have withdrawn.
  3. You will earn credit for a course if you score 70% or better on the test-out exam for that course.
  4. A test-out exam can only be completed once.
  5. The Mathematics program adheres to the guidelines related to test-out exams as printed in the University undergraduate catalog.

Calculator Policy for Test-Out Exams

MATH 0012 Mathematical Problem Solving
Scientific calculator only, but a TI-30XS or 34 MultiView calculator is not allowed; a graphing calculator is not allowed.

MATH 0015 Intermediate Algebra
Scientific calculator only, but a TI-30XS or 34 MultiView calculator is not allowed; a graphing calculator is not allowed.

MATH 1530, MATH 2450, MATH 2530 and MATH 2640
No calculators are allowed. The exams are written so calculators are not needed.

MATH 1830 Elementary Statistics
Scientific or graphing calculator, but a CAS calculator is not allowed.