Mathematics Problem of the Week

The Mathematics Department offers a problem of the week contest for students that are enrolled full-time at UW-Platteville. Every Wednesday a problem will be posted and interested students will be given a week to work on the problem. Solutions can be submitted to 435 Gardner Hall by 4 p.m. the following Wednesday. Submitted solutions will be assigned a score between 0-10. The student with the best solution to each problem will be awarded a $10 Chamber of Commerce gift certificate. Additionally the student with the best cumulative score from each semester will receive a monetary prize and will be honored at the annual Department of Mathematics Banquet. Review the rules and start solving problems!

This week's problem can be found at this link.

The solution to last week's problem can be found at this link, and you can also view older problems here.

The winners of the Fall 2018 semester are as follows:

Week 1 Andrew Lueschow
Week 2 Andrew Lueschow
Week 3 Andrew Lueschow
Week 4 Andrew Lueschow
Week 5 John Werkheiser
Week 6 John Werkheiser
Week 7 Andrew Lueschow
Week 8 Andrew Lueschow
Week 9 Isaac Schuetz
Week 10 Andrew Lueschow