Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

What is it?

The Fundamentals of Engineering exam is a computer-based, multiple-choice exam that is the first step toward becoming a professional licensed engineer. The test has 110 questions, and the testing window is six hours long.

Who should take it?

All civil and environmental engineering students, and many other engineering majors.

Why should you take it?

A professional engineering license is vital to most civil and environmental engineers. The Fundamentals of Engineering Exam is the first step toward licensure, and even if you don't know if you will become a licensed professional engineer, if there is any possibility you might, it is best to take the exam while still a student. You can put the exam on your résumé to indicate to employers that you have achieved this milestone.

When should you take it?

You should take the exam in your final year of college. Your second to last semester is ideal—you should have had all or most of the content already. In the off chance that you don’t pass it, you have time to take it again. Plus, you will get it done and not have to worry about it your final semester when you are facing senior design and a job search.

Download the brochure for more information on the exam.

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