Explore Engineering Summer Program-FAQ

What is the benefit of attending the Explore Engineering Summer Program?

Students who attend will benefit from participating in team-oriented, hands-on projects in each of seven different engineering disciplines. This allows for an in-depth exploration and better understanding of what each field has to offer. Projects are led by university faculty and supported by college student lab assistants, giving participants access to individuals who are knowledgeable about each area of study. In addition to technical knowledge and skills, participants will gain an understanding of the teamwork and communication skills required to be successful in engineering. Students who successfully complete the week-long program and choose to enroll at UW-Platteville will receive one college credit equivalent to the Introduction to Engineering Projects course, a required course for all engineering students at UW-Platteville.

How do I submit the required transcript?

A high school transcript is required to demonstrate successful completion of algebra. Please contact your high school records or guidance office to request a transcript. The transcript can be sent to:
Continuing Education
1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI 53818

Do I have to attend all days of the program?

Yes. Because the program offers the opportunity to earn college credit, participants must be present for all sessions. In addition, because of the team-oriented and exploratory nature of the projects, students who do not attend all days will miss important content.

Do I have to complete homework?

Yes. All homework assignments and projects must be completed prior to the end of the program in order for students to receive a final grade and be eligible to earn college credit. This program includes the same content as the one-credit Introduction to Engineering Projects course that college-level engineering students take. In order to get an accurate understanding of the material, outside-of-class work will be required.

Will I earn a grade at the end of the program?

Yes. Student participants will earn a letter grade at the end of the program. The grade is based on participation and completion of all assignments and projects. Students will be notified of their grade via a letter sent through postal mail at the conclusion of the program.

How do I earn the credit for completing the program?

Students wishing to earn UW-Platteville college credit for successful completion of the program must complete all coursework with a passing grade. They must also complete the Explore Engineering Summer Program Advance Standing Credit form, which program staff will submit to the Registrar’s Office.

Can I transfer the credit I earn from the program to another university?

Credit transferability is at the discretion of the university to which the student is applying. It is recommended that you contact your institution in advance to inquire about transferability of the credit.

Will I receive a Form 1098-T Tuition Statement for tax deduction purposes?

No. The summer program is considered a camp and is not a “qualified educational expense.”


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