EMS Ambassadors Program

Ambassadors in a classroom

The mission of the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science Ambassadors program is to introduce youth in grades K-12 to the exciting and world-changing fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Ambassadors focus on positive messaging about STEM fields in order to dispel common myths and misconceptions and provide accurate knowledge of STEM careers. They also serve as role models to inspire and encourage youth to pursue post-secondary education and seek additional opportunities for STEM exploration.

Our Ambassadors

Ambassadors are current UW-Platteville students who are pursuing degrees in STEM fields. They receive special training about STEM messaging and how to create inclusive, hands-on activities. Ambassadors assist with K-12 outreach events on the UW-Platteville campus and travel to support community STEM events or to conduct special sessions or workshops.

Some of the on and off campus outreach that Ambassadors conduct include:

  • Hosting a group or class of students on campus.
  • Assisting at campus-sponsored outreach events such as the EMS Expo, Women in Engineering Career Day, EMS Prospective Student Visit Day, and Pioneer Previews.
  • Presenting at community youth events.
  • Presenting to school clubs and classes.
  • Hosting information tables or booths at fairs and STEM festivals.
  • Networking with alumni and corporate sponsors.

Meet our Ambassadors and find out why they chose to participate in the Ambassador program.


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