Computer Science

Computer Science Program

Why Choose Computer Science?

Computer science is concerned with the theory and practice involved in the feasibility, design, implementation and evaluation of every aspect of computing. The concepts and theories in the field provide exposure to some of the most imaginative and challenging ideas in the history of human intellectual development.

Our computer science program blends the theory of computer science with the arts of programming and analysis, while providing attention to the business, ethical and moral aspects of computing in our society. Our hands-on and laboratory experience will enable you to practice feasibility, design, implementation and evaluation of every aspect of computing with proficiency and integrity.

At UW-Platteville, computer science graduates are problem-solvers who are prepared for positions as systems and applications programmers, analysts, software engineers and various computer specialist positions in a wide variety of industries at some of the finest local, national, and global companies.

Our program is also collaborating with four other UW-System campuses to offer an online degree completion program in Applied Computing.  This program results in a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Computing and all 61 credits are offered completely online.  Go to Applied Computing degree for more information and to fill out an application.

A Unique Program

University of Wisconsin-Platteville Campus and Computer Science

Solid fundamental object-oriented software development skills
Blend of computer science theory and software development
Numerous internship opportunities with Wisconsin and Tri-State companies
Graduates are prepared for a variety of IT careers including software developers, systems and business analysts, sales, app developers, helpdesk and other support


Lucas Frey

Lucas Frey always knew he wanted to do a form of engineering; originally, he was planning on becoming a civil engineer, but with software, the only limit on any given project is how far you want to take it, and he really likes that lack of limitations.  READ MORE