Collaborative Engineering Program Course Registration

Follow the steps below to get registered for your courses in the Collaborative Engineering Program.

  1. Check the academic calendar and note the course registration deadlines.
    Fall semester - August 1
    Spring semester - December 1
  2. Review the checksheet for Electrical Engineering or the checksheet and flow chart for Mechanical Engineering.
  3. Log into PASS using your NetID (username) and password to review your academic requirements report.
  4. Review the course offerings for the Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering program.
  5. Before registering for your classes review the PASS coding system below.
    - Section PSV: Platteville Streaming Video Lecture
       - Section PSV1: Traveling Platteville Lab
    - Section FV: UW-Fox Valley Face-to-Face Lecture
       - Section FVL1: UW-Fox Valley Face-to-Face Lab
    - Section FSV: UW-Fox Valley Streaming Video Lecture
       - Section FSL1: Traveling UW-Fox Valley Lab
    - Section WC: UW-Washington County Face-to-Face Lecture
       - Section WCL1: UW-Washington County Face-to-Face Lab
    - Section WSV: UW-Washington County Streaming Video Lecture
       - Section WSL1: Traveling UW-Washington County Lab
  6. Check class availability to see which courses will be offered. To view available courses select the term, College - EMS, and the subject. The subject should be Electrical Engineering (ELECTENG), Mechanical Engineering (MECHENG), General Engineering (GENENG), or Math (MATH).
  7. Check out the student resources available to learn more about registration, PASS, courses, enrollment dates, and policies.
  8. Contact your academic advisor to discuss your registration plans and to receive your PIN number.
  9. In PASS, log in with your NetID (username) and password.
    - Click on the Advising Hold and enter your PIN number to register for classes.
    - Before registering for classes, resolve any Holds issues within PASS. For more information or assistance, contact the Registrar's Office at 608.342.1321 or
    - You can refer to the PASS Registration Guide for help when registering for your classes.
    - When searching for classes you can click on View All Sections or click on the arrow. Uncheck the Show Open Classes Only box.

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