Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Why Choose Civil Engineering?

Civil engineers design, build and maintain the foundation for our modern society. Many of our daily tasks—drinking tap water, driving on roads and bridges, accessing an airport—are made possible because of the work of civil engineers. While architects put designs on paper, civil engineers are the ones who get the structures or systems built. Problem solvers by nature, civil engineers draw on their skills, knowledge, and education of making things work.

Our civil engineering program, accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,, is designed to deliver a broad background in all areas of civil engineering and provide opportunities for specialization. Practical applications are emphasized with sufficient theory so you can grow with the future as new materials, methods, and designs develop.

At UW-Platteville, civil engineering graduates find that their analytical skills, ability to clearly explain design ideas and plans, and confident decision making prepare them for solid careers at the local, state, and federal level or with private consulting firms. Additionally, a degree in civil engineering provides the starting point in the pathway to earning a Professional Engineer designation.

A Unique Program

University of Wisconsin-Platteville campus

Strong focus on design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure for modern society to function
Practical and hands-on laboratory and field work, site visits, and computer modeling
Faculty represent specializations in Construction, Environmental, Geotechnical, Transportation, and Structural Engineering
Graduates are prepared for successful careers with consulting or construction firms, regulatory agencies, industries, non-profit organizations, or graduate school


Recently, civil engineering majors Lindsey DeYoung and Karisa Rausch shared an exciting experience. Both were selected to attend the exclusive Women’s Construction Leadership Seminar, a two-day event hosted by Kiewit that focused on developing the leadership skills of collegiate women planning to enter the construction and engineering fields.  READ MORE...