Assistant Certified Technician Program

The Assistant Certified Technician (ACT) program is part of the Highway Technician Certification Program, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the highway construction industries.

The current ACT courses include Aggregate, Hot Mix Asphalt, Portland Cement Concrete, Concrete Strength Tester, Nucdensitytec-I, Grading, and Profiler.


To be admitted to the Assistant Certified Technician program you must have a minimum level of skills from on-the-job-training that will ensure you successfully complete the course and pass the final exam conducted by a certified technician instructor. The course and exam will be used to document that you have completed a formal training program and demonstrated the appropriate skills.

The four-hour time period for the course is provided for you to demonstrate the required laboratory techniques. The written exam, which is approximately two hours, will indicate understanding of the fundamentals of the program. Your on-the-job-training, course work, and exam will take place at your place of employment. Sampling or testing must be performed under the supervision of a certified technician.

Once you are certified, you may work as an Assistant Certified Technician in the subject area at any location in Wisconsin.

The ACT certification period will be valid from the date that the exam is received by HTCP and all requirements are successfully met to the end of the current calendar year. Field data obtained by the ACT will be signed and submitted by a supervising certified technician as if it were his/her own. If a certified technician becomes dissatisfied with the performance of the ACT working for him/her, the certified technician may request the ACT be relieved from his/her position. With proper documentation the ACT may be decertified.

  • Participation of an Assistant Certified Technician is limited to three terms.
  • No more than one ACT may report to an individual certified technician advisor.
  • The ACT is void if the ACT leaves the company that it was earned at.
  • The ACT validation period is extended to the exam day of the first available certification class (for those who have registered and paid the class fees).


UW-Platteville will issue a manual for your use and the instructor. It is intended to be an instructional tool, not a text. The instructor must have completed the certified technician program through the Highway Technician Certification Program. The material in the written exam and the student exam scores are confidential. To maintain credibility of the program, the written test material is not to be discussed, published, or made available to any unauthorized individual (i.e., students, potential students or the public).

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