Mentor Application

Please complete the questions below. The information you supply will be used in helping to determine your suitabilty as a mentor. If you have questions, please email  Note: You cannot save this form and come back to it later.

Use format 000-000-0000.
Please check your email during the summer regularly.
Please retype your email address to confirm.
GPAs will be verified after spring semester grades are posted.
If you are chosen as a mentor, then we need to know what dietary restrictions, if any, you have for events.

Please copy and paste the following essay questions into a word document. Respond to each question in no more than 200 words. Please make sure that your name is on the document. After completing your responses, upload the document using this form (below).

1. Why do you want to become a mentor?

2. Do you have any previous experience mentoring, tutoring, or working with students? If so, please describe.

3. What qualities, skills, or other attributes do you feel you have that would benefit a mentee? Please explain.

4. What academic, cultural, creative, and/or social activities do you enjoy that you could share with your mentee(s)? Be specific.

5. Please share any additional information you would like the committee to know when considering you as a mentor.


Include on your resume a reference name and contact information of at least one UW-Platteville faculty or staff member. A cover letter is not necessary. If you have problems uploading your essay questions or resume, email to

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