Mentee Application

Thank you for your interest in the Women in EMS Mentor Program.  The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, September 12.  Make sure you tell your friends!  To be eligible to be a mentee you must be in your first or second year at UW-Platteville and be declared in a College of EMS major.

Use format 000-000-0000.
If you are a double major, select both majors.
It is Tuesday, September 19, 2017 from 6pm - 8pm.
We really like you to make every effort to attend the kick-off unless you have a good reason such as class. Not attending does not exclude you from the program.

Pledge to participate and communicate:

Mentors work very hard organizing activities and coordinating schedules.  When mentees fail to communicate, the mentors spend a lot of extra time trying to meet with their mentees.  Please be respectful of your mentors valuable time and know that she truly wants to guide and support you.  That is why she became a mentor. If you choose to not continue, that is your choice and we respect that. 

I promise to participate to the best of my ability in this program which means doing my best to meet the 8 times per semester that my mentor is required to meet with her mentees.  I acknowledge that signing up for this program requires a commitment on my part.  If I am unable to fulfill this obligation, I will inform my mentor and the Women in EMS Mentor Program ( that I am unable to continue.  I understand that if my mentor tries to contact me three times in a row and I do not respond, that I will automatically be dropped from the program.

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