Career Day Registration

Please DO NOT register because Career Day is full.  The registration is open to allow those on the waiting list to register with permission.  If you have not been given permission to register, you need to go to our waiting list and we will contact you if we have openings. 

Thank you for deciding to participate in Women in Engineering Career Day.

Please do not register twice.  If you need to make a change in your registration, email and we will make the changes for you.  If you forgot if you registered or not sure if it went through, please check your email for a confirmation email.  If you did not get a confirmation email, email us and we will check to see if you have registered.

Chaperones must register separately by clicking HERE.

Please spell your name and use capitalization exactly how you would want your name on your name tag.
Enter in format: 000-000-0000. In case of an emergency a contact number is needed.
Please note: Your registration confirmation will be sent to this address. If you use a student email address, we may not be able to send a confirmation email out because of school firewalls. Please use a personal email or your chaperone/teacher email.
Please re-enter the email address you provided above for confirmation.
Home school students may put "Home School Group Name" and/or town/city you live in. What you put here is what will go on your nametag. Please write out the full name of your school. ie. Platteville High School
If you are attending alone, please enter "None."
Please provide if you are coming with a school group. The teacher will get a confirmation email that you are registered. Individuals can skip this step.
Mark yes only if you are driving yourself. If your chaperone needs a parking pass, he or she should mark that in the chaperone registration and you should put no. Parking passes can be picked up at check-in. Details will be in your confirmation email.

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