UWS 9 Academic Staff Rules: Coverage and Delegation

UWS 9.01 Coverage. The rules of chs. UWS 8 to 13, and the policies and procedures developed by particular institutions or system administration thereunder, apply to all academic staff appointments within each institution or within the system administration. In chs. UWS 8 through 13, where appropriate, "president" may be substituted for "chancellor" and "system administration" for "institution."

UWS 9.02 Delegation. Each chancellor shall provide for the establishment of a committee to advise the administration on policies and procedures for academic staff adopted by the institution pursuant to chs. UWS 8 13. At least a majority of the members of this committee shall be members of the academic staff elected by members of the academic staff. Members of the committee shall select the chairperson thereof. Institutions which now have persons with faculty rank holding positions which will become academic staff positions under definitions of faculty and academic staff provided in ch. 36, Stats., may designate such persons as academic staff for purposes of eligibility to participate in the election of members of the committee chosen in this way, and eligibility for election to the committee. Wherever each institution is charged in chs. UWS 8 13 with adopting policies and/or procedures, the chancellor shall develop these policies and procedures in consultation with the committee and, as appropriate, members of the faculty and student body. Policies and procedures developed by each institution for administering the elements of the academic staff personnel policies addressed by these rules shall be in full force and effect when finally approved by the chancellor and forwarded to the board. The board may undertake a review of any or all portions of such policies and procedures but shall complete such review within 90 days of the receipt of the policies and procedures. Should the board within 90 days return to the institution any portion or portions of its policies and procedures as disapproved, that portion or portions shall be suspended until reconsideration and resubmission has taken place.

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