University Staff Senate Responsibilities and Membership


The UW-Platteville University Staff Senate (CSS) Awards and Recognition Committee will annually recognize, through the UW-Platteville Classified Staff Award for Excellence and the UW-Platteville LTE Staff Award for Excellence, a classified staff and an LTE staff member who have provided essential services to the university while demonstrating excellence of performance, personal interaction, and initiative and creativity. The chair of the CSS will put forth the nominations for each award to the chancellor. All nomination materials are confidential. However, after the selection is made, the nomination forms and supporting documents will be returned to the Human Resources department to be placed in the individual's personnel files.


This 13 member committee will promote a positive, professional environment for all classified employees and limited term employees (LTEs), support professional development activities, encourage informed communication among classified and LTE staff and within the broader university community, and, most importantly, serve as an advisor to the chancellor and other university administrators who are closely involved with the legislative initiatives during this important transitional time as the new University Personnel System is established and implemented as of July 2013.

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