SHCC Responsibilities and Membership


  • Evaluates current student insurance plans and recommends to the Assistant Chancellor for Business Affairs and the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs any change in plans or benefits involving students.
  • Recommends and reviews policies regarding fees for health services, staffing of the Health Center, and procedures in the Health Center.
  • Publicizes the health services available and informs the University community about current health problems.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the health services on campus.
  • Promotes a wellness-oriented life style on campus.


  • Size (6) faculty, including one from the department of Health & Physical Education.
  • One (1) academic staff.
  • Three (3) students chosen by Student Senate.
  • Ex-Officio (non-voting):
    • Campus Physician
    • Director of the Pioneer Activity Center
    • Chair of the AIDS Task Force
    • Student Services
    • Office of Students with Disabilities
    • Student Health Services
    • Student Assistance Program
    • Food Services

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