Safety Committee Responsibilities and Membership


  • Develops and maintains a current list of applicable federal, state and system regulations. ("Hazardous materials" is not the same as "Hazardous wastes" under the law.)
  • Establishes policy to ensure compliance with regulations governing hazardous wastes/ materials with respect to their effects on the health of individuals and on the environment.
  • Establishes policies which will reduce liability to System, this campus, and individual instructors who deal with hazardous wastes/materials.
  • Educates faculty and staff to ensure compliance with policies pertaining to hazardous wastes/materials.
  • Surveys compliance with policies and recommends any need for enforcement to the Chancellor.


  • A minimum of six (6) faculty, including a representative from Chemistry and two other departments which handle hazardous wastes.
  • Two (2) academic staff.
  • Two (2) students.
  • Two (2) community representatives, one appointed by the Platteville Common Council and one appointed by the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors.
  • Ex-Officio:
    Campus Safety Director

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