SAAC Responsibilities and Membership


  • Serves as a coordinating council on issues of sexual assault.
  • Facilitates communication among those addressing the issues.
  • Coordinates programs and serves and develops a comprehensive approach.
  • Monitors incident reports, programming efforts, etc., and makes strategy and policy recommendations to UWP administration and governance groups.


  • Two (2) faculty appointed by Faculty Senate for three-year non-consecutive staggered terms.
  • One (1) student or staff representative appointed by Student Senate or Academic Staff Senate upon the recommendation of each of the following:
    Campus Police
    Health Services
    Counseling Services
    Greek Council
    Residence Hall Association
    Residence Life
    Public Information
    Student Affairs
    Academic Staff
    Women's Center
    Student Senate
  • Ex-Officio (non-voting):
    Assistant to the Chancellor for Affirmative Action & Women's Services
    Coordinator for Sexual Assault Services of Family Advocates

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