Responsibilities of Faculty and Academic Staff

Office Hours

All full-time instructional staff must allocate 10 hours per week outside of class for student engagement with at least five (5) hours reserved for meeting students in the instructor’s office. All part-time instructional staff must allocate a proportionate number of hours based on the percentage of their appointments. Instructors may also count student engagement activities such as faculty-led undergraduate research,service-learning activities, mentoring academic student organizations and competitive teams, on-line office hours, or other activities that engage faculty with students in the learning process for the remaining five (5) hours. Individual instructors are encouraged to use their own professional judgment in consultation with their Department Chair or Director to find appropriate ways to engage and assist students. In order to insure uniformity within academic units, departments or schools may wish to set their own guidelines for student engagement hours.

Checkout for Terminating Personnel

Every member of the faculty or academic staff whose employment with the university is terminating must obtain a termination form from the assistant chancellor for Business Affairs and file the completed form with the appropriate dean or program director. Failure to comply with the termination procedures may result in the withholding of an employee's final pay check.

Class Attendance and Grades

The Faculty Senate has adopted the following statement concerning class attendance by students:

The course work for which each student is responsible normally includes lectures, discussions, and other classroom activities as well as texts and outside readings, assignments, and examinations. Excessive absence from class should and does adversely affect learning and performance. Consequently, regular class attendance is expected of all UW-Platteville students.

Within the first two weeks of class, each faculty member will distribute a Course of Study to each student in the class . This Course of Study will include a course description, a list of texts, an explanation of grading procedures, and a clear statement of attendance policy.

Limits on the number of unexcused absences, their effect on grades, and policies concerning makeup work should be explained.

While instructors are expected to make reasonable allowances for absences caused by illness and other circumstances beyond a student's control as well as field trips and co-curricular activities, making up missed work is solely the student's responsibility.

In the case of unanticipated absence (personal or family illness or emergency), the student should inform the staff of the assistant chancellor for Student Affairs and ask that instructors be notified. Upon returning to class, the student should consult the instructor(s) to obtain assignments, etc., for makeup work and deadline(s) for its completion.

In the case of a field trip or other anticipated absence, the student should as far in advance as possible, obtain approval from the instructors of all classes which will be missed. The instructor is expected to inform the student what will be missed, what makeup work will be required/accepted and when it will be due, and possible consequences of missing class activity which cannot be made up. An instructor is in no way obligated to seek out a student who has been absent for any reason nor to place other students or him or herself at a disadvantage in order to facilitate making up work.

Mid-term D/F Grades - At the end of the first eight (8) weeks of each semester, faculty members are required to report to the registrar the names of students doing D or F work. The faculty member should counsel such students or refer them to appropriate sources for academic help.

Final Examinations/Final Week

The Faculty Senate has approved the following policy concerning final examinations: 

  1. All faculty members giving comprehensive final examinations must do so at the designated time during Finals Week.
  2. All faculty members giving last or unit tests (but no "final examination") must do so during the assigned Finals Week time.
  3. All other teaching faculty must schedule and carry out a meaningful/significant learning activity with students during the time assigned for their courses during Finals Week.

Field Trips

  • General
    • Faculty members may conduct as many field trips or other outside class period activities for classes as can be arranged, provided they do not interfere with students' other classes. Field trips or other activities which require students to be absent from classes are open only to students who are excused by the instructors of those classes. Students are expected to contact instructors to be excused for participation in a field trip.
  • Student Responsibilities
    • To inform instructor(s) of anticipated absence from class for university- sanctioned activities.
    • To assume full responsibility for arrangements to make up work missed because of such activity.
    • To make up work within established parameters. 
  • Faculty Responsibilities
    • To provide reasonable opportunity for students to make up work missed because of a university-sanctioned activity.
    • To inform students of requirements for making up work missed and counsel them concerning the consequences of missing classes to participate in such activities.

Outside Activities

Although the primary responsibilities of faculty and academic staff members are teaching, research activities, and other assigned institutional duties, the university does encourage participation in public service and other endeavors related to fields of interest and expertise.

  • Definition
    • Outside activities are those which are of an extensive, recurring, or continuing nature and are outside institutional responsibilities assigned during employment by UW-Platteville.
  • Reporting
    • Each member of the faculty or academic staff who engages in outside activity shall report that activity in writing to the appropriate chair or supervisor. The report should include the nature of the activity and time involved. The chair reports outside activities of all department members to the dean at intervals specified by the dean. Supervisors report outside activities to the appropriate assistant chancellor.
  • Improper or Excessive Outside Activities
    • The dean or assistant chancellor shall notify in writing any member of the faculty or academic staff whose outside activities are judged, in consultation with the chair or program director, to be excessive or improper. A faculty or academic staff member whose outside activities have been judged excessive or improper may appeal to the Faculty Appeals Committee.
  • Use of University Facilities/Materials/Personnel 
    • The use of university facilities is regulated by UWS 21 and the institutional procedures to implement it. University facilities may be used by unclassified employees for certain outside activities which support the mission of the university, their college, or department. These activities should not conflict with regularly scheduled university activities. Rooms, equipment, and other university resources may be used only with the approval of the appropriate dean or supervisor.
    • The technical equipment or other resources of the university shall not be used by an unclassified employee for personal use without notice to and consent of the appropriate supervisor. Payment of a fee to recover costs to the university may be required.
    • University employees engaging in outside activities shall not use the official stationery of the university or give as a business address the university, its buildings, its departments, or the Office of the Chancellor.
    • University personnel shall not be used by unclassified employees for outside activities without notice to and consent of the appropriate supervisor. Payment of a fee to recover the university's cost for personnel may be required.
  • Absences
    • When faculty or academic staff members anticipate being absent from regular duties for outside activities, permission must be obtained from the appropriate chair or director.
  • Service As an Expert Witness or Consultant
    • Anticipated service by a faculty or academic staff member as an expert witness in legal proceedings, or as staff, advisor, or consultant to granting agencies shall be subject to the absence reporting procedure included in this handbook.

Sick Leave Policy for Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff

  • Each dean informs all unclassified employees in the college that absence from assigned duties because of illness or injury must be declared as sick leave to be charged or colleague coverage provided. Request for Absence forms must be used to report all absences from assigned duties. All unclassified employees use the five day week, 40 hour standard. Any deviations or alternate schedules must be discussed with the department chair.
  • Each dean's office will maintain a file specifying the work week of each unclassified employee in the college.
  • Each unclassified employee must file a report at least once each contract month detailing sick leave used and/or colleague coverage provided. The report will be completed on a form developed by the personnel director and distributed by the department chair (or designee). It will be signed by the employee and the chair, and will be returned to the dean (or designee).
  • At least once each year, each dean will file with the campus record keeper (personnel director), a summary of sick leave used and colleague coverage provided. The summary must be signed by the chair or supervisor.


All faculty and instructional academic staff members are expected to participate in at least one commencement ceremony, December or May, per year. Those not wishing or unable to attend must contact their dean or supervisor.

Although not required, administrative and non-instructional academic staff are encouraged and welcome to attend any of the four commencement ceremonies per year.

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