Personnel Commission Responsibilities and Membership


  • Reviews academic staff personnel policies and procedures and makes recommendations to the Academic Staff Senate concerning interpretation or revision
  • Reviews implementation of the academic staff titling system decisions to ensure internal equity and application of consistent principles for the maintenance of the UW System Unclassified Title and Salary Structure
  • Serves as the first hearing body, following appropriate administrative review, of any academic personnel complaint or grievance
  • Serves as the academic staff affirmative action committee
  • Serves as an appeal panel of any academic staff appeal of a denial of a requested retitling or promotion made at the level of the director of Human Resources or appropriate administrative officer


  • One (1) representative from each of the five service areas on the academic staff.
  • One (1) at-large representative
  • One (1) member of the Academic Staff Senate
  • Ex-Officio:
    • Director of Human Resources
    • Affirmative Action Officer