Payroll Procedures

Faculty and academic staff payroll checks are delivered through departmental and admini- strative offices on the first day of each month. If the first day of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, payroll checks will be delivered on the preceding Friday. Arrangements for direct deposit of payroll checks to accounts in local banks or savings and loans can be made with the Payroll Office. Payment for Summer Session appointments is one-half on August 1 and the balance on September 1.

Salaries for academic year appointments are paid in nine equal installments beginning October 1 and ending June 1. Continuing employees who have been on the ten month plan may remain on that plan or go to the nine month plan.

The basis of the twelve payment deduction plan for academic appointment personnel is that the employee authorizes voluntary payroll deductions to be taken during the academic year. The deductions are deposited to an interest earning escrow account at a selected financial institution. During the summer months, the financial institution will pay the employee equal installments (three installments for those on a nine pay basis and two for those on a ten pay basis) which liquidate the principal and interest. Early withdrawal is possible only due to financial hardship and any such request must be approved by the Director of Human Resources.

New employees and Leave of Absence returnees who may qualify are eligible to receive a salary advance in September. The salary advance distribution date is based on the contract start date.

Contact the Payroll Office, 2308 Ullsvik Hall, if you wish to initiate any of the above plans.

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