Part IV: Instructional Academic Staff Representation on Faculty Senate

Note:  In Part III of these Bylaws, unless otherwise specified, “academic staff member(s)” refers only to instructional (Area V) academic staff member(s), “seat(s) on Faculty Senate” refers only to instructional academic staff member seat(s) on the Faculty Senate, and “Committee for Elections and Appointments” refers only to the Academic Staff Committee for Elections and Appointments.

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Employee Handbook - Quick Links

2015-16 Employee Handbook Quick Links
  • Introduction
  • Part 1
    UW-Platteville Mission Statement, Administration, Board of Regents, Orgainizational Charts, and Sources of Information at UW-Platteville
  • Part 2
    Faculty and Academic Staff Responsibilities, Faculty and Academic Staff Privileges, Policy Statements
  • Part 3
    Calendars, Committee Structure
  • Part 4
    Faculty Handbook, Academic Staff Constitution, Academic Staff Bylaws
  • Part 5
    Wisconsin Administrative Codes

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