Part IV: Amendments

Section 1

Proposed amendments to the Faculty Bylaws may be initiated by the Faculty Senate or may be submitted to the Senate by a petition of at least 10% of the university faculty. Such proposed amendments shall be submitted to the faculty by mail at least ten days prior to a general faculty meeting, and will become effective if approved by a majority vote of the faculty members present and voting with a Ayes@ or Ano@ response.

Section 2

Parts II and III of the Faculty Bylaws may also be amended by a majority vote of the full Faculty Senate at a Faculty Senate meeting following the publication of the proposed amendment in the minutes of the Faculty Senate. Such amendments become effective ten (10) working days following their publication in the Faculty Senate minutes unless 10% of the university faculty file an objection with the Faculty Senate Chair prior to the effective date. In the absence of such an objection, the amendment shall remain in effect only on the affirmative vote of the majority of the faculty members present and voting Ayes@ or Ano@ at the next duly constituted general faculty meeting.

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