Faculty Senate Responsibilities and Membership

Consistent with the authority of the Board of Regents, the UW-System President, and the Chancellor, the Faculty Senate shall represent and be responsible to the general faculty, and shall serve as the highest campus forum within which faculty can participate in the formulation of general university missions, strategies, and policies.


  • Represents and is responsible to the general faculty and is the highest forum for faculty participation in the formulation of general University missions, strategies, and policies.
  • Reviews the work and acts upon the recommendations of the Academic Planning Council and reviews the work of the Student Affairs Council.
  • Makes appointments and conducts elections as required by the Faculty Bylaws to maintain prescribed membership on the Senate and other organizations.
  • Takes matters to the general faculty at regular or special meetings as required and appropriate.


  • Three members from each college (excluding the Graduate School) and one from the library chosen in a general election according tot he provision of the Article V for three-year terms except that
    • Only those who will have served this university two or more years at the beginning of the term to be served shall be eligible,
    • Incumbents of more than one year's service may not be re-elected,
    • Academic deans and assistant or associate chancellors or vice chancellors are not eligible for election, and
    • faculty approved for a leave of absence during the subsequent academic year are not eligible.
  • Six at-large members chosen in a general election according to the provisions of Article V.
  • Ex-Officio (non-voting)
  • Chancellor
  • Vice Chancellor

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