Faculty and Academic Staff Responsibilities

Authority and Responsibilities of Deans

  1. Each dean is appointed by the chancellor as a senior line officer and is responsible to the vice chancellor. The dean is responsible for communicating to the college's faculty information and directives from the Board of Regents, System Administration, the chancellor, and the vice chancellor.
  2. The dean is the spokesperson for his/her college.
  3. The dean is the chief executive and academic officer of his/her college and is responsible for providing leadership and ensuring quality in the following areas:
    1. Curriculum review and development
    2. Faculty and academic staff professional development including sabbatical and other leaves, grants, seminars, workshops, and courses
    3. Community outreach and public service
    4. Evaluation and improvement of instruction, including pursuit and maintenance of accreditations
    5. Recruitment, hiring, and evaluation of all College personnel
      1. Assignment of personnel resources
      2. Meeting Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunities in Employment goals
      3. Establishing and maintaining faculty, student, and alumni records
        1. Personnel files and credentials
        2. Sick leave and colleague coverage reports
      4. Academic advising
      5. Providing leadership in external fund raising for scholarships and other non-state funded College activities or equipment.
  4. The Chancellor or Vice Chancellor may delegate authority and responsibility to the Dean(s) in the following areas:
    1. Budget development and the administration of allocated resources
    2. Implementation and administration of federal, state, system, and campus laws, rules, regulations, and policies
    3. Supervision of security and maintenance of facilities and equipment assigned to the College
    4. Administration of academic regulations and maintenance of academic standards
    5. Other administrative responsibilities
  5. The Dean makes recommendations to the vice chancellor concerning the budget and hiring, retention, promotion, tenure, and salaries of faculty and academic staff members.

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