EIC Responsibilities and Membership


  • Identify environmental impacts of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s activities and identify environmental sustainability opportunities and initiatives for the university.
  • Assess and quantify specific environmental impacts, and
    • set measurable goals to reduce those impacts
    • make recommendations to the Chancellor for reducing negative environmental impacts.
    • review draft environmental statements on capital projects and formulate recommendations to the Director of Space Utilization and Campus Planning and the Campus Planning Commission.
  • Coordinate and assess university sustainability efforts:
  • identify and develop sustainability projects and initiatives;
  • review, assess and assist sustainability projects and initiatives proposed by campus groups;
  • make sustainability-related recommendations to the Chancellor.
  • Review and make appropriate recommendations assisting in preparation of any proposals, actions, recommendations or reports required for compliance with state or federal environmental laws.
  • Recommend to the Chancellor environmental and sustainability-related goals and objectives for inclusion in the university and strategic plan. Review and assess university efforts, and recommend to the Chancellor an annual report on the university’s environmental impacts and progress toward its environmental and sustainability goals.


  • Five faculty members
  • Five academic staff members to include:
    • The Directors of Housing, Auxiliary Services and Physical Plant, or their individual designees; and two additional members of the academic staff appointed by the Academic Staff Senate
  • Five students, chosen by the Student Senate
  • Ex-Officio:
  • Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
  • Director of Space Utilization and Campus Planning

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