Committee Structure

Councils, Commissions and Committees

Global Guidelines

No faculty member may serve on more than two of the following:

  • Academic Planning Council Campus Planning Commission
  • Student Affairs Council
  • Summer Session Commission
  • University Academic Budget Commission
  • University Rank, Salary, and Tenure Policy Commission and
  • University Undergraduate Curriculum Commission

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Employee Handbook - Quick Links

2015-16 Employee Handbook Quick Links
  • Introduction
  • Part 1
    UW-Platteville Mission Statement, Administration, Board of Regents, Orgainizational Charts, and Sources of Information at UW-Platteville
  • Part 2
    Faculty and Academic Staff Responsibilities, Faculty and Academic Staff Privileges, Policy Statements
  • Part 3
    Calendars, Committee Structure
  • Part 4
    Faculty Handbook, Academic Staff Constitution, Academic Staff Bylaws
  • Part 5
    Wisconsin Administrative Codes

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