Chapter X: Layoff of Academic Staff for Reasons of Budget or Program

10.01 Layoff

  1. For the purposes of this chapter, "layoff" is the suspension of an academic staff member's employment by the University of Wisconsin System during the appointment period for reasons of budget or program suspension.
  2. A laid-off academic staff member retains the rights specified in UWS 12.07 through 12.11 inclusive.

10.02 University Layoff Decision

When layoff action is deemed necessary due to budget limitations or program discontinuance, curtailment, modification, or redirection, the Chancellor or designee shall discuss with the Personnel Commission the reasons for the layoff action. The Personnel Commission then shall have a minimum of five (5) working days to review the layoff action and submit written recommendations to the Chancellor or designee.

10.03 Individual Layoff Decision

  1. Manner of Layoff Notice. Decisions affecting individuals shall be communicated to the affected person(s) by the Chancellor or designee along with a description of the change in available resources which has required the layoff decision.
  2. Notice Periods. The standard notice period shall be as specified in UWP 6.02 (a) for fixed term appointments and as stated in UWS 10.05 (B) for probationary appointments unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary (e.g. immediate cut off of funds). Indefinite appointees shall have 12 months' layoff notice when the reasons are budget or program, unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary.
  3. Seniority. Layoffs normally should follow seniority as specified in UWS 12.03.

10.04 Hearing Body

  1. Indefinite Status. Appointees shall be afforded all rights and privileges of review and a hearing as specified in UWS 12.05.
  2. Probationary and Fixed Term Status Employees. Appointees shall be afforded a full and complete review and a hearing before the Personnel Commission as specified in UWS 12.05.

10.05 Layoff Status

The terms of the layoff as well as institutional obligations to help seek alternative employment are as specified in UWS 12.07 and UWS 12.08.

  1. The Personnel Commission shall continue to monitor the vacated position for a period of three (3) years to ensure compliance with Section 36.21 of Wis. Statutes and UWS 12.09 or until such time as the laid-off academic staff member is allowed reinstatement, whichever comes first. All rights and privileges as described in UWS 12.10 and 12.11 will prevail.

If at any time the Personnel Commission believes an academic staff member's rights have been violated either at the time the person is subject to being laid off or after the proceedings have taken place, the chairperson shall convene the Personnel Commission as specified in UWP 2.02 to review the allegations and submit the resulting report to the Chancellor. The Chancellor or designee shall respond to the Personnel Commission in ten (10) days regarding further actions.

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