Chapter III: Academic Staff Appointments

3.01 Types of Appointments

Academic staff appointment may be fixed term (including multi-year and rolling horizon), probationary, or indefinite as determined by the Chancellor.

3.02 Fixed Term Appointments

A fixed term appointment shall be for a definite period of time which is specified in a letter of appointment; shall be renewable solely at the option of the employing institution; and shall carry no expectation of re-employment beyond the stated term, regardless of how many times renewed. The initial fixed term appointment may include a specified period of up to two months during which the appointee may be dismissed without appeal at the discretion of the Chancellor. If such a period of evaluation is used, the letter of appointment must so state. A dismissal during this period is not subject to the provisions of UWS 11. Unless otherwise stated, a fixed term appointment shall be for a period of one year. Other types of fixed term appointments are:

  1. A multi-year appointment which specifies a fixed number of years beyond one (1) year.
  2. A rolling horizon appointment which is at least a two (2) year appointment that rolls over every year so that the appointment continues to maintain itself at the specified length until/unless notice is given that it is ending, changing, and/or being replaced by another type of appointment.

3.03 Probationary Appointments

A probationary academic staff appointment is one which leads to review and to a decision of indefinite appointment. The probationary period at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville shall be not less than one year or greater than seven years. A longer maximum probationary period, not to exceed 14 years, may be provided for part-time employees. Up to, but not exceeding, three years of service at another institution (six year for part-time employees) may be counted in the probationary period. The letter of appointment must clearly state the amount of prior service to be counted. A probationary staff member whose initial salary is paid from one fund source subsequently may be paid from other funds upon written notification. If such a change in funding occurs, previous probationary service shall not be lost and probationary status shall continue during alternate funding.

3.04 Indefinite Appointments

An indefinite appointment is an appointment with permanent status, for an unlimited term, which is granted by the Chancellor. Only for cause under UWS 11 or for reasons of budget or program under UWS 12 will such an appointment be terminated. Such an appointment may be granted to a member of the academic staff who holds or will hold a half-time appointment or more. The percentage of time (full-time or part-time) provided for in the indefinite appointment may not be decreased or increased without the mutual consent of the academic staff member and the institution unless the appointment is terminated or decreased under UWS 11 or UWS 12.

3.05 Operational Area

  1. The operational area of fixed term, probationary, limited, and indefinite appointment is in the college, school, division, department, service area or specified research or program unit indicated in the letter of appointment; the appointment does not carry rights beyond that limitation.
  2. An academic staff member with an indefinite appointment does not lose that status by accepting a limited appointment.

3.06 Letters of Appointment and Reappointment

  1. Appointment. The terms and conditions of the appointment shall be specified in a written letter of appointment signed by the Chancellor or designee. The appointment letter shall contain details as to the terms and conditions of the appointment, including but not limited to the following:
    1. Hayes/Hill title and working title of the individual
    2. Title and name of the person in immediate supervision of the employee
    3. The percentage of appointment (e.g. full-time 100%, part-time 50%)
    4. The operational area of the appointment
    5. Duration of appointment (including starting and ending dates when appropriate)
    6. Initial evaluation period of section 3.02 of these rules if used
    7. Amount of prior service counted, if applicable
    8. Length of probationary period, if applicable
    9. A statement of salary, as well as, the source of funds from which the salary will be paid
    10. General position responsibilities
    11. If the appointment is subject to the advance approval of the Board of Regents, a statement to this effect must be included in the letter. Accompanying this letter shall be the UWS and UW-Platteville regulations, rules, procedures, and benefits relating to academic staff appointments.
  2. Reappointment. Reappointment letters shall be sent to academic staff members by the Chancellor or designee and shall include any changes in points 1-11 in (a) above.
  3. Significant Changes in Appointment. If a significant change in the existing conditions of the appointment occurs during the appointment period, the proposed change in conditions should be reviewed by the Personnel Commission for retitling or promotion prior to implementation.

3.07 Official Personnel File

The office of the Chancellor shall maintain the official personnel file for each academic staff member. The contents and uses of such official personnel files are governed by the current University of Wisconsin-Platteville statement on the confidentiality of personnel records.

3.08 Recruitment

The Chancellor or designee and division head are responsible for initiating an active recruitment procedure for academic staff consistent with board policy and state and federal laws with respect to equal employment opportunities. Copies of recruitment procedures may be obtained from the Vice Chancellor and/or the affirmative action officer.

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