Benefits Summary

A summary of benefits available to university of Wisconsin faculty and staff can be found at

State Self-funded Liability Program (SSLP)

  1. Provisions
    1. Limit of liability is $2,000,000 for each occurrence.
    2. SSLP agrees to pay up to the Statutory limit of liability sums which a faculty or academic staff member becomes legally obligated to pay provided the faculty or academic staff is acting within the scope of their employment.
    3. The SSLP further agrees to defend the employee who was acting within the scope of their employment 
  2. Exclusions
    1. Protection is not extended to one's personal vehicle. (One's personal automobile liability policy grants this type of protection.)
    2. The policy does not apply when injury, death, or destruction is caused inten- tionally.
  3. Other Insurance
    1. If the insured has other insurance against a loss covered by this policy, the SSLP policy limits are excess to whatever other protection the insured may have. (WEA membership automatically provides $10,000 occupational liability coverage.)

State of Wisconsin Auto Fleet Policy

  1. Provisions 
    State-owned vehicles have the following automobile bodily injury liability and property damage coverage:
    1. Limits on bodily injury: $ 250,000 per person
    2. Limits on property damage: $ 250,000 per accident
    university vehicles being driven by students are covered if the driver is authorized by university authorities.
  2. Privately owned vehicles are not covered by the state's property and liability programs. However, if one is using their personal vehicle on university/state business, your personal automobile coverage is primary and the SSLP is excess.

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