Article VII: Meetings of the Academic Staff Senate

Section 1: Regular Meetings

The Academic Staff Senate will meet bi-monthly from September through May, with the exception of January. Although bi-monthly meetings shall be scheduled, a Senate meeting may be canceled if there is not enough business to warrant a meeting.

Section 2: Special Meetings

A special meeting of the Academic Staff Senate may be called at any time by one of two methods:

  1. By a majority decision of the Executive Committee of the Academic Staff Senate; or
  2. By a petition containing signatures of twenty percent of the total membership of the academic staff eligible for voting privileges. This petition shall be submitted to the Academic Staff Senate.

The meeting shall be set within five working days of receiving a valid petition. The special meeting shall be held at the earliest feasible date.

Section 3: Open Meetings

All meetings of the Senate shall be open. All meetings will be announced in advance.

Section 4: Agenda for Academic Staff Senate Meetings

The agenda for Academic Staff Senate meetings shall be established by the Chair, in consultation with the Executive Committee, and shall be distributed prior to the meeting. Any member of the academic staff may submit an item to the Executive Committee for consideration for the agenda. Minutes of each meeting of the Senate shall be recorded by the Secretary and distributed.

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