Article VI: Officers of the Academic Staff Senate

The officers of the Academic Staff Senate shall consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Secretary.  These officers shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Senate.

Section 1: Duties of the Chair

The Chair shall set the agenda and preside at meetings of the Academic Staff Senate, represent the academic staff to other constituencies, and perform any other duties prescribed to this position within these Bylaws.  It is also recommended that the Chair assume the role of the State Representative to UW System.

Section 2: Duties of the Vice-Chair

The Vice-Chair shall serve in the absence of the Chair and shall perform other duties as prescribed within these Bylaws.  If necessary, the Vice-Chair shall also serve as liaison to the Faculty Senate, as specified in Part I, Article IX, Section 1 of these Bylaws.

Section 3: Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary shall work with the Recording Secretary, who will record and distribute the meeting minutes, distribute election results, process communications of and for the Academic Staff Senate, and perform other duties as prescribed within these Bylaws.

Section 4: Duties of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is authorized to consult with appropriate administrators and other persons, to establish meeting times and dates for the Senate, to establish the agenda for the meetings; to call special meetings of the academic staff as needed, and to communicate electronically in the interest of time when necessary.

Section 5: Election of the Officers

The election of officers will occur at the May meeting of the Academic Staff Senate. Officers will serve a term of one-year, beginning August 1.

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