Article VI: Officers

Section 1: Officers and Executive Committee

The officers of the Faculty Senate shall consist of the chair, vice chair, and secretary, who shall together be the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate. A quarter-time (.25 FTE) position per semester is assigned to the provost’s office to provide release time from teaching responsibilities for the chairperson of the Senate. The chairperson's department or unit is authorized to hire a .25 FTE replacement for the chairperson when the department or unit deems it necessary.

Section 2: Terms

At the first session following the election of the new senate members, those senate members who will be serving during the next academic year shall elect the new senate officers. The officers shall be elected for one-year terms commencing with the academic year.

Section 3: Parliamentarian

Either at the last senate meeting in the spring semester or in the first senate meeting of the fall semester, the senate shall elect a parliamentarian either from the senate membership or from the faculty at large.

Section 4: Eligibility

Neither the ex-officio members nor the Instructional Academic Staff Members shall be eligible to serve as officers.

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