Article VI: Amendments

This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast by the general faculty, provided that:

  • no fewer than half of the total faculty membership as defined in Article II, Section 1 casts a ballot, and
  • a notice of any proposed change shall be read or delivered to all faculty present in at least one meeting (special or regular) of the general faculty occurring at least one week prior to the date of voting.
  • The voting may be by mail ballot provided that the faculty shall adopt, by a simple majority, such a procedure as the means of voting on the proposed change at the general faculty meeting where the proposed change is read or delivered to those faculty present under Section b of this article. For the purpose of amending this constitution, a quorum need not be present at the special or regular meeting in order to constitute an official reading or delivery to the faculty of the proposed change. If a mail ballot is adopted as a means of voting on the proposed change, the proposed change must also be delivered to all faculty by mail at least one week prior to the due date of the mail ballot.

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