Article IV: Membership

Section 1: Ex-Officio Members

There shall be two (2) ex-officio (non-voting) members: the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor.

Section 2: Members to be Elected from Each College Faculty

There shall be three (3) members from each college (excluding the Graduate School) and one from the library chosen in a general election according to the provisions of Article V.

Section 3: At-Large Members

There shall be six (6) at-large members chosen in a general election according to the provisions of Article V.

Section 4: Instructional Academic Staff Members

From each college (excluding the Graduate School), there shall be one (1) member who serves as instructional academic staff, elected according to the provisions of Article V. These “Instructional Academic Staff Members” shall have full voting privileges in the Faculty Senate, except that they may not vote on questions involving retention, promotion, or tenure of faculty.

Section 5: Terms of Office

The term of office for all elected senate members shall be three years, commencing with the beginning of the academic year.

Section 6: Eligibility

All members of the faculty as defined in the Faculty Constitution, Article II, Section 1, are eligible for election to the senate except that:

  1. only those who will have served this university two or more years at the beginning of the term to be served shall be eligible,
  2. incumbents of more than one year's service may not be re-elected,
  3. academic deans and assistant or associate chancellors or vice-chancellors are not eligible for election
  4. individuals approved for a leave-of-absence during the subsequent academic year are noteligible, and
  5. only individuals holding appointments as instructional academic staff are eligible to be elected Instructional Academic Staff Members under Section 4; additional eligibility criteria for these positions may be established by the Academic Staff Senate.

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