Article III: Meetings

Section 1: The Chair

The chair of the Faculty Senate shall preside over the meetings of the faculty. In case of the chair's absence, the vice-chair shall preside.

Section 2: Regular Meetings

The faculty shall hold two (2) regular meetings each academic year, the first during September and the second during the first month of the second semester. The Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, in consultation with the Chancellor and faculty, shall set the time, place, and agenda of regular faculty meetings. The chair shall ensure that all faculty are apprised of the time, place, and agenda of each regular meeting at least one calendar week in advance.

Section 3: Special Meetings

Special meetings of the faculty shall be called by the chair of the Faculty Senate:

  1. upon the vote of the Faculty Senate, or
  2. upon the petition of 20 percent of the faculty membership, or
  3. at the request of the Chancellor.

The chair shall ensure that all faculty are apprised of the time and place of, and the reason for, the special meeting at least one full working day prior to the meeting. Only subjects referred to in the call may be considered at the meeting.

Section 4: Summer Session Faculty Meetings

Special meetings of the summer session faculty may be called by the Faculty Senate chair, or at the request of the Chancellor, or on petition by 20 percent of the summer school faculty, and with proper notice and restricted agenda as specified in Section 3. Decisions of the summer school faculty shall serve as an interim for the period of the summer session, but if they have implications for university policy beyond the end of the summer session, such decisions shall automatically be placed on the agenda of the first regular faculty meeting at the beginning of the fall semester for reconsideration.

Section 5: Attendance

It is the obligation of faculty to attend all regular and special meetings of the faculty.

Section 6; Quorum

At least 33% of the membership as defined in Article II, Section 1, under contract at the time of the meeting, shall constitute a quorum.

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