Article I: Service Areas of the Academic Staff

Section 1: Service Areas

The five service areas for the academic staff and the units represented in each area are as follows:

  • AREA I:  Academic department advising, Distance Education, Continuing Education, Education Office of Special Programs (EOSP), Highway Technician Certification Program (HTCP), Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment, Karrmann Library, Pioneer Farm, Small Business Development Center, Technical Support [Lab managers, academic department program managers, instrumentation specialists], College of EMS Student Success Programs
  • AREA II:  Administrative Services, Affirmative Action, Auxiliary Accounting, Auxiliary Services Facility Operations, Children's Center, Dining Services, Financial Services, Human Resources, Information Technology Services, Internal Audit, Media Technology Services, External Relations [Foundation, Alumni Services, University Information and Communications, Pioneer Printing and Postal Services], Office of Research & Sponsored Programs, Physical Plant/Facilities Management, Markee Pioneer Student Center Administration, Project Management Center for Excellence (PMCOE), Registrar’s Office, Safety and Risk Management, Teaching & Technology Center, University Police
  •  AREA III:  Athletics, Campus Life , Center for the Arts/Nohr Gallery, Counseling Services, Intramurals/Pioneer Activity Center (PAC), Pioneer Involvement Center (PIC), Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Student Affairs, Student Health Services, Residence Life
  • AREA IV:  Area IV: Admission and Enrollment Services, Academic and Career Advising Center (ACAC), Financial Aid, Academic Support Programs (ASP), Education Abroad, Services for Students with Disabilities, Student Support Services (SSS), Patricia A. Doyle Center for Gender and Sexuality, Wright Center for Non-Traditional and Veteran Students
  • AREA V:  Instructional Academic Staff

Section 2: Assignment to Service Areas

All academic staff members holding appointments in only one area shall be assigned to that area only.

All academic staff members holding split appointments in more than one service area shall be assigned to only one of those service areas.  The Committee for Elections and Appointments, in consultation with the individual staff member, shall designate the specific service area for these staff members.  Once an individual academic staff member with a split appointment has been designated to a particular service area by the Committee for Elections and Appointments, that designation may not be changed unless the appointment of the individual is revised.

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