Article I: Representation

Section 1: Seats

One instructional academic staff member from each college (excluding the Graduate School) shall be elected to serve on the Faculty Senate according to the election procedures in Part III, Article II of the Academic Staff Bylaws.  These academic staff members shall have full voting privileges on the Faculty Senate, except that they may not vote on questions involving retention, promotion, or tenure of faculty.  Academic staff members elected to the Faculty Senate shall not be eligible to serve as officers on the Faculty Senate.

Section 2: Terms

Terms for all instructional academic staff member seats on Faculty Senate shall be three years, with the exception of those following the initial election.  Terms following the initial election shall be staggered terms of one, two, and three years respectively, with the distribution of these initial terms among the colleges chosen randomly by the Committee for Elections and Appointments.

An academic staff member is limited to no more than two full or partial consecutive terms on the Faculty Senate.

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