Article I: Authority

Section 1 The Chancellor

The Chancellor shall be the executive head of the university and shall be vested with the responsibility of administering Board of Regents policies under the coordinating direction of the president of the University of Wisconsin System, and be accountable and report to the president and the board on the operation and administration of the university. Subject to board policy, the Chancellor and faculty shall be responsible for determining academic standards and establishing grading systems, defining and administering university standards for peer evaluation and screening candidates for appointment, promotion and tenure, and recommending individual merit salary increases. The Chancellor in consultation with the faculty shall be responsible for administering associated auxiliary services and administering all funds, from whatever source, allocated, generated, or intended for the use of the university.

Section 2 The Faculty

The faculty of the university, subject to the responsibilities and powers of the board, the president, and the chancellor of the university, shall be vested with the responsibility for the immediate governance of the university and shall actively participate in university policy development. As such, the faculty shall have primary responsibility for academic and educational activities and faculty personnel matters. The faculty shall determine their own faculty organizational structure and select representatives to participate in institution governance.

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