Article I: Authority

As authorized by State of Wisconsin statute [36.09 (4m)] and subject to the authority of the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, the President of the UW System, and the Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, the academic staff members through their elected governance body organize for the purposes of participation in the governance of this university and to represent the interests of the academic staff of this university.

This authority is derived from Act 29 of the Laws of 1985 for the State of Wisconsin, which states: "The academic staff members of each institution, subject to the responsibilities and powers of the board, the president and the chancellor and the faculty of the institution, shall be active participants in the immediate governance of and policy development for the institution...(They) have primary responsibility for the formulation and review, and shall be represented in the development of all policies and procedures concerning academic staff members, including academic staff personnel matters. The academic staff members of each institution shall have the right to organize themselves in a manner they determine and to select their representatives to participate in institutional governance."

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