ADAC Responsibilities and Membership


  • Reviews and recommends to the Chancellor, Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Senate and Student Senate changes in UW-Platteville policies related to alcohol and other drugs.
  • Supports and advises the Employee Assistant Program (EAP) and the Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program, including the Student Assistance Program (SAP).
  • Monitor campus advertising policies in regard to alcohol and other drugs in any campus publication or other media.
  • Informs faculty, staff and students where to obtain help for themselves or others regarding problems related to alcohol and other drugs.
  • Works with the commencement committee to establish a workable procedure for preventing problems with alcohol at graduation.
  • Reviews referral procedures for students who have been involved in alcohol/drug related disciplinary problems.
  • Evaluates and supports the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Drop-In Centers to ensure educational information will be available to students, faculty, and the community.
  • Initiates the review of specific alcohol and other drug problems brought to the attention of the committee.


  • A minimum of four (4) faculty
  • Two (2) academic staff
  • Four (4) students, appointed by Student Senate upon the recommendation of Women's Council, Greek Inner Fraternity Council, Residence Hall Council, Student Senate.
  • One (1) classified staff
  • One (1) community representative, appointed by the Platteville Common Council
  • Ex-Officio:
    • Campus Police Representative
    • Counseling Services Representative
    • Student Health Care Committee Representative
    • EAP Coordinator
    • Student Assistance Program Coordinator
    • Housing Services Representative

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