Student Teaching FAQs

What are the requirements for student teaching?

You can view all of the admission requirements for student teaching here.

How do I apply for student teaching?

To apply for student teaching you must:

1. Complete the application and agreement form by December 15 of the preceding academic year. Your advisor's signature is required. Please use your UW-Platteville email address on the application.

2. Complete the course checklist for your major.

3. Email your resume to by January 25.

Does my electronic portfolio need to be completed prior to student teaching?

Your electronic portfolio must be submitted and approved prior to student teaching.

How do I submit my portfolio?

Submit your portfolio to the School of Education at

What is needed for an internship?

A limited number of student teachers are selected to complete an internship instead of regular student teaching. Interns spend a full semester under contract with the school district and receive compensation. As an intern you will need to pay for the intern license that is required by Department of Public Instruction and a $200 special course fee.

A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required in your major and professional education courses and a 2.75 GPA in a minor.

How far away from Platteville can I be for my student teaching?

Typically student teaching is completed in the school district within a 100-mile radius of Platteville. There are some pre-approved exceptions given to diverse placements such as Milwaukee Public and Green Bay Public schools. Any other areas will need to be reviewed and you will need to pay an additional $550 fee.

If I move, change my phone number, my GPA changes, or I get married, how does that affect my application?

You must keep all your information current on your resume sent to the Clinical Experiences office. You will also need to provide this information to your principals, cooperating teachers, and university supervisors.

What if I haven't passed part of my PSST or Praxis Core tests?

Check with the School of Education office for tutoring options, 608.342.1131 or stop by 139 Doudna Hall. Study materials can be checked out of the Instructional Materials Lab in Karrmann Library.

If I am denied admission to the School of Education or student teaching can I appeal this decision?

If you are denied admission to student teaching you may file an appeal request for a waiver with the chair of the Teacher Education Committee, at 134 Doudna Hall. An application needs to be completed and submitted by the deadlines in October and March of each semester.

What is the Teacher Education Committee?

The Teacher Education Committee is a group of faculty members responsible for monitoring the screening procedures used to select and retain candidates for student teaching. The committee also considers appeals and waivers for admission.

What if I haven't passed the required Praxis II content area of my major?

There are no waivers allowed for the Praxis II requirements. A passing Praxis II score must be reported to the Clinical Experiences office by May 1 to student teach in the fall and November 1 to teach in the spring.

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