Student Teaching

Student Teaching

One of the most important phases of preparation for a teacher’s professional career is student teaching. Within the student teaching experience, you will be placed in a dual role of both student and teacher. As a student teacher, you will learn from classroom instruction experiences and reflection upon those experiences with your university supervisor and cooperating teacher. During this placement, you will share instructional responsibilities in the classroom with the cooperating teacher, in progressively increasing amounts.

As part of this experience, you can add to your cultural and diversity opportunities by choosing the university’s Study Abroad or Aldine, Texas, student teaching opportunities. Depending on your choice of licensure level, your student teaching assignment usually includes two different placements that allows you to instruct more than one age group.

Emily Richter reflects on teaching in Aldine, Texas:

"This has been a more beneficial experience for me than two weeks of pre-student teaching, and I am SO incredibly thankful I got the opportunity. I have never experienced such a diverse setting as well as being out of my comfort zone of Wisconsin. I feel as if I was able to grow here, learn strategies as well as learn from the students. I am thankful for the experience, and I am strongly considering returning to Aldine to continue my career in teaching."

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