Reading Teacher Licensure Program

The Reading Teacher licensure program will provide you with the knowledge to work with all learners, especially readers who have problems at different levels.

This 18-credit certification program offers classes in winter, summer, and fall semesters.


Upon successful completion of all courses, approved licensure portfolio, and qualifying scores on the Foundations of Reading Test, you will be recommended to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for a Reading Teacher (316) license at the elementary/middle and middle/secondary levels.

Developed in accordance with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction guidelines and the Council for Exceptional Children standards.


TEACHING 6830 Strategies for Effective Inclusion
TEACHING 7210 The PreK-12 Literacy Program
TEACHING 7220 Introduction to Reading Difficulties
TEACHING 7230 Practicum in Reading Difficulties
TEACHING 7240 Juvenile Literature
TEACHING 7250 Content Area Reading

You can view all of the teaching courses available for the Reading Teacher license and Master of Science in Education program.

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