Educator Testing Requirements


In order to receive an educator license in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires applicants to demonstrate competency in the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics as well as in the content knowledge of their specific license area.

All students applying for admission to an educator preparation program in a Wisconsin college/university or alternative program must pass the Praxis Core tests prior to admission. These tests are administered by ETS. Students need to sign up for an exam date on the ETS website by setting up a user account and password. UW-Platteville (recipient code 1917) needs to be selected as a score recipient when signing up for the test(s).

Praxis I/PPST Qualifying Scores

  • Reading: 175
  • Writing: 174
  • Mathematics: 173

Core Qualifying Scores

Beginning September 1, 2014, Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) tests will replace the Praxis I/PPST tests.

  • CORE Reading (5712): 156
  • CORE Writing (5722): 162
  • CORE Mathematics (5732): 150

Entrance Tests

Beginning September 1, 2013, Wisconsin's Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) may use one of the following college entrance tests as the standardized test of communication skills required for admission to EPPs. Scores presented for the purposes of admission into UW-Platteville must be the result of exams taken with the last 10 years.

• ACT Plus Writing: Composite score of 22 and a Combined English/Writing score of 20
• ACT Test: Composite score of 23 with minimum sub-scores of 20 on English, 20 on Mathematics, and 20 on Reading
• SAT (effective 9/1/2015): Minimum sub-scores of 520 on Mathematics, 510 on Critical Reading, and 480 on Writing
• GRE Current Scale (August 1, 2011 to present): Minimum sub-scores of 145 on Quantitative Reasoning, 150 on Verbal Reasoning, and 3 on Analytical Writing
• GRE Old Scale (Prior to August 1, 2011): Minimum sub-scores of 540 on Quantitative Reasoning, 450 on Verbal Reasoning, and 3 on Analytical Writing

Praxis Subject Assessments: Content Tests (Praxis II)

These tests measure subject-specific content knowledge, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills, that students need for beginning teaching. Praxis II qualifying scores vary for each area.

Program Code Score
Agriculture 5701 147
Art 5134 158
Broad Field Lang Art/English 5038 167
Broad Field Science 5435


Broad Field Social Studies 5081 153
Cross Categorical -Middle School Content 5146 146

Elementary Ed (B-11) (test offered through 8/31/2016)
Elementary Ed (B-11) (test beginning 9/1/2016)



Education - STEM (MC-EA):  Middle School Content 5146 146
Middle School (10-14) 5146 146

ESL (test offered through 8/31/2016)
ESL (test beginning 9/1/2016)

Health 5551 151
Mathematics 5161 160
Music 5113 150
Physical Education 5091 150
School Counselor 5421 156
Technology Education 5051 159
Theatre 5641 157
Visual Impairment 5146 146

For more information including questions and registration, go to the ETS Praxis - Wisconsin DPI website.

ACTFL World Language Tests

ACTFL World Language Tests are required for all world language teacher candidates enrolled in Wisconsin educator preparation programs beginning September 2011. Note: Candidates enrolled in a Wisconsin approved World Language program that have met passing scores in Praxis II: Subject Area Tests in French (0173), German (0181) and Spanish (0191) prior to September 2011 may use those scores.

For ACTFL World Language Tests, Wisconsin requires both the Oral Proficiency interview (OPI-OPIc) and Writing Proficiency Test (WPT). The qualifying score for licensure in Wisconsin on both tests are Intermediate High.

To learn more about Wisconsin-approved world language assessments, go to Language Testing International (LTI) Website.

Foundations of Reading Test

The Foundations of Reading test measures proficiency in and depth of understanding of the subject of reading and writing development. The test reflects scientifically based reading research and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Beginning January 31, 2014, teacher candidates in Wisconsin applying for an initial teaching license in grades Kindergarten through 5 or special education, or for a license as a reading teacher or reading specialist will be required to take and pass the Foundations of Reading test.

UW-Platteville licensure programs required to complete the Foundations of Reading Test:

  • Early Childhood – Middle Childhood (71–777)
  • Early Adolescence (76-777)
  • Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence (72-777)
  • Middle Childhood – Early Adolescence Cross Categorical (72–801)
  • Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence Emotional Behavioral Disabilities ( 72-830)
  • Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence Specific Learning Disabilities (72-811)
  • Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence (72-777)
  • Early Adolescence – Adolescence Cross Categorical (73–801)
  • Reading Teacher (316)
  • Reading Specialist (17)



edTPA is a preservice assessment process designed by educators that is designed to engage candidates in demonstrating their understanding of teaching and student learning in authentic, experimental ways.  Teacher candidates will submit artifacts and commentaries as evidence of how they planned and implemented instruction to deepen student learning during the student teaching experience.

The edTPA portfolio will be uploaded to Pearson for scoring using Taskstream software.

All candidates will need to complete an edTPA portfolio and submit to Pearson for scoring effective August 31, 2015. Effective August 31, 2016, all candidates must pass an edTPA for licensure.

AACTE edTPA website:
UW-Platteville edTPA website:

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